Daniel Alvarado dies in fatal Hockley County car crash

Fatal Hockley County car crash death of Daniel Alvarado – Obituary

Tragedy struck in Hockley County as Daniel Alvarado, aged 66 and hailing from Brownfield, met with a fatal accident in a rollover crash. The Texas Department of Public Safety reported that the incident also left two individuals seriously injured.

Hockley County Justice of the Peace pronounced Daniel Alvarado dead at the scene of the harrowing crash. Shockingly, it was revealed that Alvarado had neglected to fasten his seatbelt, further underscoring the importance of this safety measure.

The vehicle involved in the unfortunate accident was driven by Santiago Miranda, aged 69, also from Brownfield. He suffered severe injuries, as did Felix Cerna, aged 73 and hailing from Lubbock. Both injured parties were swiftly transported to the University Medical Center in Lubbock for urgent medical attention.

According to the Texas Department of Public Safety’s report, the ill-fated vehicle was traveling in a southwest direction on US 62 within the inside westbound lane when it suddenly veered to the right, the cause of which remains unknown.

This abrupt maneuver caused the vehicle to traverse the outside westbound lane and ultimately plunge into the west ditch.

Furthermore, the report detailed that the vehicle underwent a clockwise rotation, leading to a left-side skid and an unknown number of rollovers before coming to a rest upside down.

Remarkably, during this tumultuous sequence of events, an unrestrained passenger was ejected from the vehicle, with tragic consequences.

It’s worth noting that both Santiago Miranda and Felix Cerna were adhering to seatbelt safety measures, which likely contributed to their survival in this horrific incident. Weather conditions at the time of the accident were marked by cloudy skies, and the road surfaces remained dry.