Eduardo Marvin Simon-Gabriel dies in fatal Eastern Shore car crash

Fatal Eastern Shore car crash death of Eduardo Marvin Simon-Gabriel – Obituary

Tragedy struck on the Eastern Shore when a collision unfolded due to a driver’s failure to yield at an intersection. Virginia State Police conducted an investigation into the incident, revealing the harrowing details.

At approximately 7:10 p.m., the unfortunate event transpired, involving a pickup truck and a tractor-trailer, at the crossroads of Route 14/Lankford Highway and Daugherty Road, as reported by the Virginia State Police.

The investigation determined that the driver of the pickup truck neglected to yield the right of way while attempting to traverse the intersection connecting Route 13 and Daugherty Road.

This grievous error resulted in a catastrophic collision with an oncoming tractor-trailer, impacting the passenger side of the pickup truck, as disclosed by the police.

Both vehicles veered off the roadway in the aftermath of the collision. Tragically, the driver of the pickup truck, who regrettably was not wearing a seatbelt, suffered partial ejection and succumbed to the injuries sustained in the crash, according to the authorities.

The deceased has been identified as 43-year-old Eduardo Marvin Simon-Gabriel, hailing from Accomack County.

In a fortunate turn of events amidst the chaos, the driver of the tractor-trailer emerged unscathed, escaping the accident unharmed.