James Dibble Jr. dies in fatal Simmesport car crash

Fatal Simmesport car crash death of James Dibble Jr. – Obituary

Tragedy struck on the evening of September 3, 2023, when the Louisiana State Police Troop E rushed to the scene of a devastating collision along Old Highway 1 near Simmesport. The harrowing incident claimed the life of 40-year-old James Dibble Jr., a resident of Simmesport.

According to the preliminary findings of the investigation, Mr. Dibble was tragically caught in the path of a southbound 2014 Mazda 6, its driver shrouded in anonymity. The collision proved catastrophic, inflicting fatal injuries upon Mr. Dibble, who was declared deceased at the scene.

Subsequent investigative efforts successfully unveiled the identity of the vehicle’s operator, 40-year-old Mary Cazelot, also hailing from Simmesport.

Following the incident, Ms. Cazelot found herself in the custody of the Avoyelles Parish Sheriff’s Office, where she faced charges of felony hit and run, obstruction of justice, and driving with a suspended license.

As the authorities diligently work to discern the exact circumstances that led to this tragic crash, it remains a stark reminder of the perils of distracted and inattentive driving.

Louisiana State Police emphatically implores all motorists to maintain unwavering vigilance behind the wheel, emphasizing that even a momentary lapse in attention can yield irrevocable and deadly consequences.

In the year 2023 alone, Troop E Troopers have been tasked with investigating a distressing tally of 39 fatal crashes, resulting in the loss of 44 precious lives.

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