Jhon Paulo Reid dies in fatal Manhattan car crash

Fatal Manhattan car crash death of Jhon Paulo Reid – Obituary

In a tragic incident near Manhattan, a single-vehicle collision has claimed the life of one motorist while another remains hospitalized. According to the Kansas Highway Patrol, this unfortunate event unfolded as two motorists were conducting inspections of their respective vehicles following collisions with a lifeless deer strewn across the road.

It was during this moment that an SUV suddenly materialized on the scene. Regrettably, the SUV collided with the aforementioned deer, spiraling out of control and ultimately striking the two pedestrians.

Tragically, 20-year-old Jhon Paulo Reid from Manhattan, one of the motorists involved, succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced deceased at a nearby medical facility. Meanwhile, 24-year-old Jarde Lachelle Hill, also hailing from Manhattan, sustained severe injuries and is presently under hospital care.

Remarkably, the driver of the SUV emerged from the calamity unscathed, a silver lining amid the distressing circumstances.

This harrowing incident took place at approximately 5:30 in the morning on a fateful Thursday, just southwest of town along the westbound lanes of K-18 Highway in proximity to Scenic Drive.