Luke Boisseree dies in fatal Omaha car crash

Fatal Omaha car crash death of Luke Boisseree – Obituary

In a press release issued by the Omaha Police Department, they have commenced an inquiry into a tragic single-vehicle traffic fatality that occurred at the stroke of 12:52 a.m. this Friday.

The distressing incident transpired at the junction of 75th & L Streets, summoning the immediate attention of the Omaha Fire Department.

Tragically, the sole occupant of the vehicle was pronounced lifeless on the scene, and the departed driver has been identified as Luke Boisseree, a resident of Omaha aged 42.

Upon investigation, it was ascertained that Mr. Boisseree was at the wheel of a black 2008 Mercedes, proceeding eastward along L Street when he lost control of his vehicle in proximity to 77th Street.

This calamitous loss of control led to a collision with a guardrail, subsequently propelling the vehicle off the roadway to the south, ultimately finding its final rest within the Enterprise parking lot situated on L Street.

Factors contributing to this grievous accident include excessive speed, the absence of a seatbelt, and an ongoing inquiry into the involvement of alcohol.