Marcus Bogart dies in fatal Colorado Springs car crash

Fatal Colorado Springs car crash death of Marcus Bogart – Obituary

A tragic incident occurred on August 31st when Marcus Bogart, aged 51, lost his life in a devastating auto-pedestrian collision near Academy and Woodmen in Colorado Springs. The authorities received distressing reports of the accident, prompting a swift response.

According to the preliminary findings by law enforcement, the tragic incident unfolded as a vehicle attempted to enter the King Soopers parking lot. In a heart-wrenching turn of events, Marcus Bogart was struck by the vehicle, resulting in his immediate and tragic demise. The scene of the accident became a somber place as he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Authorities have conveyed that, after a thorough examination, they do not suspect any impairment to have played a role in this unfortunate crash. Nonetheless, the investigation into the circumstances surrounding the incident remains ongoing, as the community mourns the loss of Marcus Bogart.