Richard Baker dies in fatal New Orleans East shooting

Fatal New Orleans East shooting death of Richard Baker – Obituary

Tragedy struck in New Orleans East when a night of camaraderie among four teenagers at a local convenience store took a devastating turn. Court documents have revealed the harrowing events that unfolded on August 23 near Little Woods, resulting in one fatality and another grievous injury.

According to official records filed in Criminal District Court, two individuals, who had been perceived as friends by the victims, perpetrated a heart-wrenching crime. The assailants, posing as acquaintances, brandished firearms and carried out a robbery that culminated in a shooting incident within the confines of a stolen vehicle.

Laval “Velly” Sullivan, aged 18, now faces the weighty charges of second-degree murder and attempted second-degree murder in connection with the distressing incident.

The unfortunate victim, Richard Baker, aged 19, was discovered lifeless in the rear seat of a stolen Kia Optima on August 24. Another companion, whose name remains undisclosed, suffered gunshot wounds and was transported to a hospital in New Orleans East for treatment.

The unsettling sequence of events commenced around 7 p.m. on August 23, when Baker and his companion were present at a convenience store situated in the 7000 block of Read Boulevard. It was there that they unexpectedly encountered Sullivan and another individual, individuals with whom they had shared a degree of familiarity, as reported by the surviving victim once he regained the ability to communicate.

Following their chance meeting, the teenagers collectively decided to adjourn to Carmel Spring Apartments, located in the 12000 block of North I-10 Service Road, to continue their evening together. Investigators detailed how, upon arriving at the apartments, Sullivan and an accompanying teenager, both armed, entered the rear seat of the Kia alongside Baker and his companion. Their purported intention was to inspect Baker’s firearm, a claim documented in official records.

However, the situation took a sinister turn as Baker was forcibly disarmed, and Sullivan and the other teenager allegedly brandished firearms, menacingly pointing them at their victims in an apparent bid to commit robbery. The hospitalized eyewitness recounted these terrifying moments to investigators.

When Baker and his companion made a desperate lunge for the weapons, Sullivan and his accomplice allegedly opened fire at point-blank range. Baker’s companion managed to escape, albeit sustaining another gunshot wound as he fled, as recounted to law enforcement.

A vigilant security guard nearby promptly notified emergency services, resulting in a rapid response from paramedics. The surviving witness inquired about Baker’s condition upon their arrival at the scene.

The following day, Baker’s grieving family identified him as the lifeless individual discovered in the rear of the stolen Kia Optima, located at the intersection of Berg Road and Wales Street. Notably, the surviving witness positively identified Sullivan, a match confirmed through the suspect’s Instagram profile and driver’s license records.

Furthermore, video footage corroborated the victim’s harrowing account of the incident, and Sullivan was singled out as the alleged perpetrator during a photographic lineup.

Magistrate Commissioner Peter Hamilton has set Sullivan’s bond at a substantial $1,250,000, underscoring the gravity of the charges against him.