Richard Reddie dies in fatal Monroe Township car crash

Fatal Monroe Township car crash death of Richard Reddie – Obituary

Tragedy struck Thursday morning as a man, identified as Richard Reddie, aged 80 and hailing from Franklinville, met his demise in a devastating four-vehicle collision in Monroe Township.

This harrowing incident unfolded at precisely 7:46 a.m. on Fries Mill Road (Route 655), in close proximity to Arrowtrail Road, as confirmed by local law enforcement.

Preliminary investigations have illuminated that Reddie tragically failed to perceive the presence of three stationary vehicles ahead of him, patiently waiting in the traffic queue.

The calamitous chain of events was set in motion when Reddie’s 2011 GMC Sierra collided with the rear of a dump truck. This initial impact triggered a domino effect, impacting the two subsequent vehicles in its wake, according to authorities.

The sheer force of the initial collision propelled the dump truck forward, resulting in its collision with the rear of a Jeep Grand Cherokee, which, in turn, subsequently collided with the back of a Cadillac.

Tragically, Richard Reddie was declared deceased at the accident scene, while the driver of the 2021 Jeep sustained minor injuries, as confirmed by the local police.