Trenton Bevel perishes in fatal Harris County car crash

Obituary: Fatal Harris County car crash death of unidentified victim

In a tragic turn of events, an 18-year-old man, identified as Trenton Bevel, now faces murder charges, as confirmed by the Harris County District Attorney’s Office to ABC13 on Friday. Bevel was allegedly at the helm of a stolen vehicle that tragically collided with an innocent woman.

This devastating incident unfolded at the intersection of Martin Luther King and Van Fleet, leading to the demise of a 75-year-old driver, whose identity remains undisclosed but has been revealed as the mother of an HPD sergeant.

Houston Police Department reports indicated that two individuals, suspected of stealing a vehicle, were attempting to evade law enforcement when they collided with the aforementioned driver. It is a heart-wrenching loss for the HPD community, but the family’s request for privacy has been duly respected.

Trenton Bevel is currently under custody, albeit in critical condition, grappling with injuries sustained during the fateful crash. Meanwhile, the identity of the other occupant in the stolen vehicle remains shrouded in mystery, with no charges filed against them yet.

The Genesis of the Carjacking

This somber saga began on a fateful Wednesday night around 8 p.m., when two suspects orchestrated the carjacking of a Dodge sportscar. The victim of this harrowing ordeal, Cathleen Hill, shared her unsettling experience with ABC13, recounting the moment she was forcibly separated from her vehicle near Hobby Airport.

Chief Troy Finner disclosed that Hill had the foresight to equip her car with a tracking system, facilitating her contact with the police on Thursday morning. She promptly relayed the car’s location, pinpointing it at 7800 Jutland Road, near Bellfort.