Zoltan Kent Jr. dies in fatal Vallejo shooting

Fatal Vallejo shooting death of Zoltan Kent Jr. – Obituary

Vallejo law enforcement authorities revealed on Thursday the apprehension of two individuals in connection with a tragic shooting incident that unfolded back in July.

As recounted by law enforcement officials, this duo has been tied to a shooting occurrence that transpired within the vicinity of Mini Drive’s 200 block during the early hours of July 17. In the aftermath of the incident, the police discovered two victims, both subsequently transported to a nearby trauma center for urgent medical attention.

Tragically, Zoltan Kent Jr., one of the victims, succumbed to his injuries. While the second victim, an unidentified woman, was expected to gradually recover.

Following a diligent investigative process, authorities successfully identified the two suspects implicated in the shooting episode. Law enforcement officials proceeded to secure arrest warrants for Gerald Collins, 23 years old, and Armando Menendez, 19 years old, both hailing from Vallejo.

On August 20, the combined efforts of U.S. Marshals and the specialized SWAT team from the Vacaville Police Department culminated in the capture of Gerald Collins, apprehended at a location in Vacaville.

In a simultaneous operation, Armando Menendez was taken into custody on Wednesday by local police in tandem with U.S. Marshals, apprehended on the 1000 block of Grant Street. Remarkably, his arrest transpired without any untoward incidents.

According to jail records, Gerald Collins is currently facing charges of murder, coupled with the offense of being a felon in possession of a firearm. His forthcoming court appearance has been scheduled for September 27.

Conversely, Armando Menendez finds himself confronting charges of murder and assault with a semiautomatic firearm. He is being detained without the option of posting bail and is slated to make his court appearance on September 15.