Alicia Ann Brown dies in fatal Merced County car crash

Fatal Merced County car crash death of Alicia Ann Brown – Obituary

Tragic news emerges from Merced County as 37-year-old Alicia Ann Brown, a resident of Merced, met a devastating end in a hit-and-run accident.

The Merced County Sheriff Coroner’s Office, led by Deputy Alexandra Britton, confirmed the identity of the victim.

The unfortunate incident unfolded at 5:21 a.m. on Wednesday, when Merced police officers rushed to the scene between Loughborough Drive and Buena Vista Drive on R Street, prompted by reports from concerned passersby.

They discovered a woman lying on the roadway, and it was evident that she had been struck by a vehicle.

Despite the swift response of paramedics who tirelessly endeavored to save her life, their efforts proved futile, and Alicia Ann Brown was tragically pronounced dead at the scene.

The circumstances surrounding her presence on the road remain a mystery, as she was not in the vicinity of a crosswalk when the collision occurred.

Initial findings indicate that a southbound vehicle on R Street was responsible for the collision that claimed Brown’s life. While details are still emerging, authorities believe that the vehicle involved may have been a full-size pickup truck.

In light of this tragedy, law enforcement officials are seeking the cooperation of the public. Anyone possessing information related to this incident is urged to reach out to Officer Matt Calcagno at 209-769-8885 or contact the Merced Police Department Dispatch at 209-385-6905. The search for answers and justice continues as Merced County mourns the loss of Alicia Ann Brown.