Antonio Muñoz dies in fatal Chicago Heights shooting

Fatal Chicago Heights shooting death of Antonio Muñoz and David Parra – Obituary

In the quiet early hours of a Sunday morning, Chicago Heights was shaken by a tragic incident that claimed the lives of two innocent men. Responding to a distress call at approximately 4 a.m., law enforcement arrived at the scene, situated in the 500-block of W. 14th Place.

The victims, 32-year-old Antonio Muñoz and 30-year-old David Parra, had just returned from an all-night family gathering in Lynwood when an inexplicable confrontation escalated into a senseless act of violence.

This heartrending incident unfolded on a day that should have been special for the victims. David’s wife, Crystal Chavez, recounted the harrowing events. She revealed that their three young children were still inside their vehicle when the violence erupted.

In a desperate attempt to ward off their attackers, David brandished his firearm. However, he fired shots into the ground, not at the aggressors, hoping they would retreat. Tragically, the assailants returned, armed, and opened fire.

Antonio Muñoz lost his life instantly, while David Parra succumbed to his injuries at Franciscan Hospital in Olympia Fields. Crystal Chavez mourned the loss of her husband, describing him as a kind-hearted individual who did not deserve such a cruel fate.

Antonio, a recent immigrant from Mexico, had only been in Chicago for a few months, leaving behind his own three children. His grieving family is now tasked with the painful responsibility of repatriating his remains.

In a significant development, authorities have charged three individuals in connection with this horrifying incident. Alexis Mendoza, 19, faces two counts of first-degree murder, while 24-year-old Adrian Romo-Trejo also faces two counts of first-degree murder. Additionally, 43-year-old Jesus Mendoza has been charged with one count of aggravated battery. The suspects appeared in bond court on Tuesday, with Alexis Mendoza and Romo-Trejo ordered to be held without bond, while Jesus Mendoza’s bond was set at $100,000.