Aurora Reynozo dies in fatal Sylmar car crash

Fatal Sylmar car crash death of Aurora Reynozo – Obituary

A heart-wrenching incident has left a Sylmar family in anguish as they grieve the passing of their cherished 87-year-old grandmother.

The elderly lady met her demise when an alleged impaired driver collided with the parked car from which she was disembarking.

The tragic occurrence unfolded at approximately 8:45 p.m. on Thursday, within the 14000 block of Foothill Boulevard. A northward-bound Ford Fusion unexpectedly rammed into the stationary vehicle.

Thankfully, the female operator of the parked car sustained only minor injuries. However, tragically, her passenger, identified as Aurora Reynozo, was forcibly ejected from the automobile and sustained fatal injuries upon impact.

As the investigation progressed, it came to light that the purportedly impaired driver of the Fusion fled the scene, continuing northward on Foothill Boulevard.

The reckless motorist subsequently collided with multiple other vehicles before finally coming to a halt. Law enforcement authorities identified the driver as 33-year-old Juan Martinez, who boasts a prior DUI record.

Subsequently, he was apprehended on suspicion of murder and is currently in custody with bail set at $2 million.

The son of the victim, Joel Reynozo, shared heartrending details about the incident.

He disclosed that his mother and the other lady were returning home from a church Bible study session when the tragic accident unfolded. Joel’s mother was in the process of being dropped off by one of her close friends.

According to Reynozo, the impact of the collision was so forceful that his mother was violently thrown from the parked vehicle, ultimately landing on her head.

In a state of urgency, he rushed outside their family residence upon hearing the collision and discovered his mother’s injured body.

Joel lovingly recalled his mother as a compassionate and nurturing individual. She possessed a selfless disposition and was perpetually attentive to the needs of others. Alongside her nurturing personality, she possessed remarkable culinary skills.

Her unwavering dedication to aiding others and her traditional values rendered her a truly unique and cherished individual.