Chris Ferguson dies in fatal Wando River Bridge shooting

Fatal Wando River Bridge shooting death of Chris Ferguson – Obituary

In a harrowing incident that unfolded on the Wando River Bridge, tragedy struck as Chris Ferguson lost his life in a fatal shooting. Officials from the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office, eyewitnesses to the incident, and affected drivers were interviewed by News 2, shedding light on the grim events.

The deadly deputy-involved shooting occurred on a fateful Friday afternoon. Chris Ferguson, who was traversing the bridge at the time, recounted a heart-pounding moment when a gray pickup truck, being pursued by law enforcement, sped past him.

“It passed me on my passenger side and ended up colliding with a semi-truck,” Ferguson recounted. “After the collision with the semi-truck, it was dragged over to the side of the road, and as soon as the truck came to a halt, the police also stopped.”

The scene quickly escalated as deputies emerged from their vehicles, brandishing their firearms.

“It took only about five to ten seconds after the police exited their vehicle that I heard approximately six gunshots fired by the police toward the gray truck,” Ferguson recalled.

Berkeley County Sheriff Duane Lewis provided a detailed account of the unfolding events, explaining that deputies were present in the area, searching for an individual unrelated to the incident, when this tragic shooting occurred.