Danasia Lighty dies in fatal Pittsburgh’s Brighton Heights neighborhood shooting

Fatal Pittsburgh’s Brighton Heights neighborhood shooting death of Danasia Lighty – Obituary

Tragedy struck the Pittsburgh’s Brighton Heights neighborhood as Danasia Lighty, a 25-year-old woman, succumbed to her injuries after being shot multiple times, leaving her in a critical condition late at night.

The incident unfolded near the intersection of Fleming Avenue and Falck Avenue shortly before 11 p.m. The grim episode began when law enforcement received a ShotSpotter alert, prompting an immediate response.

Upon arrival, first responders discovered Danasia Lighty, who was seated in the driver’s seat of a vehicle and had fallen victim to the ruthless gunfire. Despite the valiant efforts of some local residents who rushed to her aid, Lighty’s life hung in the balance as she was rushed to the hospital. Tragically, the medical professionals were unable to save her, and she was declared deceased at the medical facility.

The investigation into this heart-wrenching incident has revealed that the alleged shooter approached the vehicle on foot, unleashing a barrage of bullets before making a hasty escape from the scene.

In a related development, law enforcement has been drawn into another perplexing case within the same vicinity. A man was discovered with a gunshot wound to his leg outside Allegheny General Hospital, situated along Sandusky Street. It appears that this individual fell victim to gunfire at a different location before being unceremoniously dropped off outside the hospital. Fortunately, swift medical attention was administered, and he is presently in stable condition.

Authorities are considering the possibility that these two separate shootings may be interconnected, but the investigation remains ongoing as they diligently work to unearth the truth.