Fatal Shooting of CVS Employee Michael Jacobs in Mesa Leads to Arrest of Jared Sevey

Mesa  Maricopa shooting death of CVS employee Michael Jacobs- Obituary

Mesa, Maricopa County – Tragedy struck on Thursday night as a CVS employee lost his life in a fatal shooting incident, resulting in the arrest of a 38-year-old individual identified as Jared Sevey.

The victim, Michael Jacobs, aged 49, met his untimely demise during this unfortunate incident, which unfolded following suspicions of shoplifting at the CVS store.

Local authorities swiftly responded to distress calls, receiving reports of a possible shooting at the pharmacy situated near the intersection of Brown Road and Mesa Drive at approximately 8:10 p.m. Upon arrival, police officers discovered Michael Jacobs suffering from multiple gunshot wounds.

Despite immediate medical attention, Jacobs could not be saved and was pronounced deceased upon arrival at a nearby hospital.

The chain of events leading to this tragic incident began earlier in the evening when Sevey was suspected of shoplifting at the CVS store. Subsequently, an altercation transpired between Sevey and Jacobs, with Sevey claiming that Jacobs had attempted to strike him, although he was not hit, as per court documents.

After the confrontation, Sevey left the scene and returned to his nearby residence, where he retrieved a firearm. He reportedly instructed his daughter to seek refuge at her grandmother’s house with an ominous message that indicated uncertainty about his return, as detailed in court documents.

According to court records, Sevey re-entered the CVS store, directing all employees to vacate the premises, except for Michael Jacobs.

Tragically, Jacobs was shot by Sevey during this encounter. Witnesses on the scene reported the discharge of four gunshots, and Jacobs made an attempt to escape before succumbing to his injuries, as documented in court records.

Following the incident, a concerned individual notified the police of Sevey’s whereabouts as he fled the scene on foot. Law enforcement utilized real-time surveillance cameras within the vicinity to track Sevey, ultimately locating him near an irrigation canal.

The identity of the individual who made the report, whether a CVS employee or a customer, was not disclosed.

Upon the arrival of police officers at the scene, Sevey was observed disposing of a firearm into the canal, which was subsequently recovered, as per court records.

During his apprehension, Sevey allegedly made self-incriminating statements to the officers, confessing with statements like “I’m guilty” and “I planned it,” as detailed in court documents.