Froylan Villegas succumbs to tragic shooting in Albuquerque

Obituary: Heartbreaking loss of Froylan Villegas in Albuquerque Shooting

Tragedy struck Albuquerque when 11-year-old Froylan Villegas lost his life in a harrowing incident near Isotopes Park.

The heart-wrenching incident also left a young woman severely injured, and her current condition remains unstable, as stated by the local police department.

Though the department did not disclose the woman’s name, it was revealed that she was a relative of the young boy who tragically lost his life.

Albuquerque’s Police Chief, Harold Medina, held a press conference on a somber Thursday morning to shed light on the grim circumstances surrounding the incident.

The fatal shooting unfolded as a family was departing from the baseball stadium after a game.

The trigger for this horrific event was a minor traffic infraction, specifically an improper U-turn, just beyond the intersection of Avenida César Chávez and University Boulevard.

This violation provoked an individual in another vehicle to unleash a barrage of 17 gunshots upon the family’s car, as recounted by Chief Medina.

In a subsequent news release issued on a sorrowful Thursday afternoon, the authorities shared crucial information about the vehicle believed to be involved in the shooting.

They identified it as a more recent model of a Dodge Durango SRT. Desperate for leads, officials urged community members to reach out to law enforcement or contact Albuquerque Metro Crime Stoppers at 505-843-STOP (7867) if they witnessed the tragic shooting or possessed any information about the vehicle or its occupants.