Gustavo Quexada-Chavez perishes in tragic Avenue 17 car crash

Tragic Avenue 17 car crash claims the life of Gustavo Quexada-Chavez

In a devastating incident that occurred on the evening of August 25th, two lives were tragically lost as a result of a car collision on Avenue 17.

The victims, Gustavo Quexada-Chavez and Arturo Carabez Ochoa, met their untimely demise in this heart-wrenching accident.

At approximately 9:46 p.m., on that fateful Friday night, the incident unfolded on Avenue 17, just east of Crescent Drive.

Reports indicate that a Nissan Altima, under the control of Quexada-Chavez, was traveling eastward when it veered onto the right shoulder.

In a horrific turn of events, the Altima collided with Ochoa, who was in the process of unloading corn from his Ford F-250 pickup. The impact was forceful, sending both vehicles careening into a chain-linked fence and igniting the Altima in a fiery blaze.

Heroic Good Samaritans, witnessing the horrifying scene, acted swiftly. Armed with buckets of water and a fire extinguisher, they courageously fought the flames engulfing the Altima and managed to extricate Gustavo Quexada-Chavez from the burning wreck.

Simultaneously, other compassionate bystanders alerted emergency services, urgently requesting their immediate response.

Shortly thereafter, the valiant first responders arrived at the scene, but their efforts were in vain. Tragically, they had to pronounce both men, Gustavo Quexada-Chavez and Arturo Carabez Ochoa, as deceased, their lives tragically cut short in this devastating accident.

The victims were identified as 42-year-old Arturo Carabez Ochoa and 42-year-old Gustavo Quexada-Chavez, both hailing from Kerman.