Herardo Canales dies in fatal Midland County car crash

Fatal Midland County car crash death of Herardo Canales – Obituary

In a tragic incident on the morning of September 5th, a fatal head-on collision transpired along SH 349, approximately 9.5 miles to the south of Midland, leading to the untimely demise of Herardo Canales, a resident of La Feria, Texas.

The Texas Highway Patrol disclosed that this heart-wrenching accident involved two vehicles and unfolded at approximately 7:35 a.m.

The speed limit designated for this segment of SH 349 stands at 75 mph, and the weather conditions were clear, with dry road surfaces prevailing at the time of the calamitous crash.

The departed, a 37-year-old named Herardo Canales hailing from La Feria, Texas, was behind the wheel of a 2006 Chevrolet Silverado.

The crucial detail of whether Mr. Canales had secured his seatbelt during the fateful ride remains a mystery. Following the collision, he was swiftly transported to Midland Memorial Hospital, where the medical professionals, regrettably, declared his passing.

On the other side of this grievous incident was a 2018 Kenworth, accompanied by a trailer, steered by a 65-year-old gentleman by the name of Michael Artist Ballard, who resides in Snyder, Texas. The inquiry into Mr. Ballard’s seatbelt status is yet to provide definitive answers, but the silver lining amid the tragedy is that he escaped the collision unscathed.

The preliminary investigation, spearheaded by Trooper Benjamin Lewis of the Texas Highway Patrol stationed in Midland, suggests that Canales’ vehicle was journeying northward on SH-349 when, for reasons unknown, it inexplicably veered into the southbound lanes.

The consequence was a harrowing impact between the Silverado and Ballard’s Kenworth and its accompanying trailer.

While the details are still unfolding, the investigation into the root cause of this catastrophic collision continues unabated.