Michael Congrove and Donna Champeau dies in fatal Custer, South Dakota car crash

Fatal Custer, South Dakota car crash death of Michael Congrove and Donna Champeau – Obituary

In a tragic incident on Tuesday morning, a collision in Custer, South Dakota, claimed the lives of Michael Congrove and Donna Champeau, both residents of Wisconsin.

According to the initial accident report, the ill-fated event unfolded as a 2017 Subaru Outback, driven by Bonnie Manitz, aged 78, came to a complete stop at the intersection of Washington Street and U.S. Highway 16A in Custer, South Dakota. Simultaneously, a 2022 Genuine Scooter Company Buddy moped, operated by Michael Congrove, aged 67, was heading eastward on US 16A, headed towards Washington Street.

In a horrifying turn of events, the Outback and the moped collided with devastating force, ejecting both the driver and passenger of the moped.

Miraculously, the driver of the 2017 Outback, Bonnie Manitz, escaped without any injuries, thanks to her seatbelt that secured her during the traumatic crash.

Similarly, Francis Cummings, aged 79, who was a passenger in the 2017 Outback, emerged unscathed from the harrowing collision, all thanks to the protective embrace of his seatbelt.

Tragically, Michael Congrove, the operator of the 2022 Buddy moped, suffered fatal injuries during the collision and was pronounced deceased at the heart-wrenching scene. It is worth noting that Michael was wearing a helmet, emphasizing the severity of the collision.

Adding to the sorrow, Donna Champeau, aged 74, a passenger on the 2022 Buddy moped, also sustained fatal injuries and, in a cruel twist of fate, was declared deceased at the crash site.

The South Dakota Highway Patrol has taken the reins of the investigation into this heart-rending accident. However, it is imperative to remember that all information disclosed at this stage is purely preliminary and subject to further inquiry.