Travis Burrell dies in fatal Jackson shooting incident

Fatal Jackson shooting claims life of Travis Burrell – Obituary

Jackson law enforcement authorities are in active pursuit of a suspect following a tragic shooting incident that transpired on Saturday, September 9, on Woodway Drive.

Officer Sam Brown has reported that the incident unfolded when officers responded to the scene and discovered the victim, Travis Burrell, bearing multiple gunshot wounds.

Tragically, Travis Burrell, the victim in this grievous event, succumbed to his injuries after being swiftly transported to a nearby medical facility.

In a distressing turn of events, a green and black Dodge Challenger was witnessed fleeing from St. Dominic Hospital after dropping off a second victim.

This second victim was subsequently rushed into surgery at another local hospital, and their current condition remains shrouded in uncertainty.

Efforts are underway by the police force to locate the suspect captured in the surveillance images depicted below