David Curran dies in fatal Elk County motorcycle accident

Fatal Elk County motorcycle accident death of David Curran – Obituary

In a tragic incident over the weekend, David Curran, a 79-year-old resident of West Falls, New York, lost his life in a devastating motorcycle collision in Elk County.

The accident occurred on Saturday, just after 5 p.m., along Route 219, also known as Boot Jack Road, in Ridgway Township.

According to state police reports, the unfortunate incident unfolded when a Ford Fusion, traveling northbound, came to a halt to execute a left-hand turn.

Tragically, the motorcycle operated by David Curran collided with the rear of the car. The impact of the collision was so severe that Curran was forcibly ejected from his motorcycle.

Despite wearing a helmet at the time of the crash, David Curran could not survive the traumatic accident and was pronounced dead at the accident scene. It is a heart-wrenching loss for his family and loved ones.

Fortunately, the driver and passenger of the Ford Fusion emerged from the collision without sustaining any injuries.