Esvin Abimael Damian Succumbs to Fatal Accident in Belmopan Car Crash

Tragic Loss in Belmopan Car Accident Claims the Life of 30-year-old Carpenter

In a heartbreaking incident on Friday night along the Hummingbird Highway, entering Belmopan, a San Ignacio resident has been identified as the victim of a fatal accident.

Esvin Abimael Damian, a 30-year-old carpenter, met with a devastating fate while driving alone in his Ford F150 pickup truck on Constitution Drive, en route to the Highway near the Blue Moon Restaurant.

According to law enforcement authorities, Damian lost control of his vehicle, causing it to somersault multiple times, ultimately leading to fatal injuries.

The police have initiated an ongoing investigation into the tragic incident.

[Source: Breaking Belize News – September 17, 2023]