Yolanda Alvarado loses her life in a tragic shooting incident in East Stockton

Fatal East Stockton shooting claims the life of Yolanda Alvarado – In Memoriam

Tragedy struck in the early hours of Sunday morning as Yolanda Alvarado, aged 46, fell victim to a fatal shooting at her residence in East Stockton.

The unfortunate incident unfolded amidst a late-night gathering, leaving both neighbors and the Stockton police department grappling with the aftermath.

Yolanda Alvarado, a name well-regarded by those who knew her, elicited fond sentiments from her community.

Jeff Stift, residing across the street from the Alvarado residence for 19 years, expressed his appreciation for the couple, stating, “I’ve been here 19 years, and they (Yolanda and her husband) always look after me.” Such heartfelt comments underscore the profound impact Alvarado had on her neighbors.

This somber occurrence transpired just a mere six days following another harrowing incident of gun violence in the East Stockton region.

On the preceding Wednesday, the community was shaken by the discovery of two lifeless bodies, victims of gunfire, in a residence approximately 2.5 miles to the east on North Oro Drive, as confirmed by authorities from the sheriff’s department.