02NTN – Kinsey Wright dies in fatal Bixby Schools car crash

Fatal Bixby Schools car crash death of Kinsey Wright – Obituary

A somber atmosphere envelops the Bixby Schools community following a tragic accident that claimed the life of one of its students during her journey to soccer practice last night.

The victim, a sophomore named Kinsey Wright, was a beloved member of the school, as stated by Superintendent Rob Miller.

Superintendent Miller extended his heartfelt condolences and identified the young victim, while also mentioning that several other students were also involved in the unfortunate accident.

Tulsa Police authorities confirmed that the collision unfolded in the vicinity of 121st and Yale at approximately 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday.

Supt. Miller further revealed that the Wright family holds a deep connection with the school district, with Kinsey’s mother serving as a teacher at Bixby Middle School.

While Tulsa Police have confirmed that three vehicles were part of the incident near 121st and Yale on Tuesday evening, details of the exact circumstances leading to the crash remain undisclosed.

Bixby Schools has communicated that other students were affected by the accident, but updates on their conditions are pending.

Administrators have announced that Wednesday will be a day of distance learning for most students, and the fall break is scheduled to commence on Thursday. Despite these challenging times, the school is committed to providing necessary support and resources for its students.