02NTN – Sharon Locke-Racz dies in fatal I-65 car crash

Fatal I-65 car crash death of Sharon Locke-Racz – Obituary

Tragedy struck when an elderly Pulaski County resident lost her life in a harrowing collision involving two vehicles on the busy I-65 highway.

On Tuesday evening, Kentucky State Police swiftly reacted to the heart-wrenching accident unfolding near the 27-mile marker of the northbound I-65, situated in Warren County.

The initial findings from Kentucky State Police unveiled a sorrowful narrative, detailing the events that transpired when 78-year-old Sharon Locke-Racz, a resident of Bronston, was at the wheel of her 2018 Buick SUV, making her way northward.

It was at this moment that fate took a devastating turn, as her vehicle bore the brunt of a collision with a 2008 Toyota sedan, operated by 21-year-old Arruice Stafford from Bowling Green.

The force of the impact left Locke-Racz’s SUV careening off the road, resulting in a heart-wrenching overturning, according to state police reports.

In the wake of this calamity, the injured parties were swiftly attended to. Sharon Locke-Racz, her life hanging in the balance, was transported by air to the TriStar Skyline Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee. Tragically, her injuries proved insurmountable, and she was later pronounced deceased amidst the medical efforts to save her. On the other side of this grievous incident, Arruice Stafford, considerably fortunate, was transported to The Medical Center at Bowling Green, where he received treatment for his injuries before being discharged.

The painful episode remains under investigation, with the diligent efforts being led by the Kentucky State Police.