02NTN – William Keene dies in fatal Marion motorcycle crash

Fatal Marion motorcycle crash death of William Keene – Obituary

Tragic news unfolded in Marion as Kentucky State Police Post 2 commenced an investigation into a devastating single-vehicle motorcycle accident.

On the evening of October 17, at approximately 6:46 p.m., KSP Post 2 swiftly responded to a heart-wrenching scene, a solitary motorcycle collision at the intersection of North Main Street and East Mound Park Avenue in Marion.

According to a statement issued by KSP, the painstaking inquiry revealed that the ill-fated event involved 49-year-old William Keene, a resident of Sturgis, Kentucky. Keene had been navigating a 1989 Harley Davidson motorcycle, heading eastbound along West Mound Park Avenue.

The harrowing incident transpired as the motorcycle, originating from a complete stop at the intersection of West Mound Park Avenue and North Main Street, accelerated.

Tragically, as it traversed North Main Street and attempted to access East Mound Park Avenue, Keene lost control of the motorcycle, leading to a harrowing collision with a sturdy wooden telephone pole.

Following the appalling mishap, Keene was urgently transported to the Crittenden County Community Hospital, where, despite all efforts, he succumbed to the grievous injuries he had sustained.

In a glimmer of hope amid the tragedy, the passenger, identified as Jamie Whitworth of Marion, miraculously emerged unscathed from the distressing collision, providing a silver lining in an otherwise dark and somber incident.