03NTN – Fatal Boca Raton Shooting Ends Life of Steven Alembik

Fatal Boca Raton Shooting Claims Life of Steven Alembik – Obituary

In a tragic incident, Steven Alembik, a prominent donor to former President Donald Trump, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and the former Governor Rick Scott, lost his life in a harrowing murder-suicide attempt last week, as confirmed by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday.

The shocking event unfolded in a grim setting, with Steven Alembik, aged 72, hailing from Boca Raton, orchestrating a distressing scenario. It transpired in the quiet confines of a parking lot situated behind the BurgerFi restaurant, nestled to the west of Delray Beach, specifically at 7959 W Atlantic Ave, on the fateful evening of October 9.

The victim, a woman who found herself ensnared in this heart-wrenching episode, valiantly sought refuge inside the restaurant after being shot. Fortunately, she is expected to survive this ordeal. However, her identity remains concealed, diligently protected under the provisions of Marsy’s Law, as articulated by Sheriff’s spokesperson, Teri Barbera.