24NTN – Boston Hagen dies in fatal Dickey County car crash

Fatal Dickey County car crash death of Boston Hagen – Obituary

Tragic news emerged as Boston Hagen, an 18-year-old hailing from Fullerton, ND, lost his life in a devastating car collision in Dickey County. The incident unfolded shortly after 8:40 AM on October 18.

As per the North Dakota Highway Patrol, a semi-truck, operated by an individual from Manitou, MB, was heading eastward along Dickey County Hwy. 3.

Regrettably, Hagen, behind the wheel of his car, failed to heed a stop sign at the junction of Dickey County 3 and 89th Ave. SE.

In the ensuing catastrophe, the semi-truck collided with Hagen’s vehicle, resulting in both automobiles veering into the roadside ditch.

Tragically, Hagen had not fastened his seatbelt, and he succumbed to the injuries sustained in the collision. Fortunately, the driver of the semi-truck emerged from the incident unharmed.

As the investigation unfolds, North Dakota Highway Patrol has refrained from pressing charges, opting to delve deeper into the circumstances surrounding this heart-wrenching accident.