24NTN – Chadwick Lee Garmon dies in fatal Lincoln County pedestrian accident

Fatal Lincoln County pedestrian accident death of Chadwick Lee Garmon – Obituary

In a tragic incident on the evening of October 17, Chadwick Lee Garmon, a 33-year-old resident of Vale, lost his life in a devastating pedestrian accident.

The incident occurred in Lincoln County when a suspected drunk driver struck him while he was walking along North Carolina 27 near Millers Park Lane shortly before 9:30 p.m.

The North Carolina State Highway Patrol swiftly responded to the scene of the accident. According to state troopers, a 2015 Ford Explorer was traveling west when it tragically collided with Chadwick Lee Garmon, who was walking on the road. Unfortunately, the collision proved fatal, and Garmon succumbed to his injuries at the accident site.

The circumstances surrounding the accident were exacerbated by the fact that Garmon was wearing dark clothing, and the roadway was inadequately lit, making it challenging for the driver to spot him. Nevertheless, following a thorough investigation, authorities determined that impairment played a significant role in the tragic incident.

As a result, the driver of the Ford Explorer, identified as Naomi Elizabeth Yandle, was arrested on charges of driving while impaired. It is worth noting that additional charges are pending, pending the outcome of the ongoing investigation. State troopers intend to consult with the Lincoln County district attorney before deciding on further charges against Yandle.

The Lincoln County community is left in mourning as they remember Chadwick Lee Garmon, a life taken too soon in a heart-wrenching pedestrian accident. The investigation into this tragic incident continues, and justice will be sought for the untimely loss of a beloved member of their community.