24NTN – Jamal Haji Hassan Kimo perishes in tragic Interstate 84 hydroplaning accident

Fatal Interstate 84 hydroplaning accident claims the life of Jamal Haji Hassan Kimo – Obituary

In a devastating incident that unfolded on Monday around 10:30 a.m., emergency responders were summoned to the scene of a collision involving two vehicles along Interstate 84, situated near milepost 38, as reported by the Oregon State Police.

A thorough examination of the accident has revealed that a westbound-traveling Toyota Prius, under the operation of Jamal Haji Hassan Kimo, 44 years old and hailing from Keizer, succumbed to the treacherous conditions caused by hydroplaning on the rain-slickened interstate.

The Prius subsequently collided with the northern guardrail before veering back into the westbound lanes, where it tragically met the side of a semi-truck.

Regrettably, Jamal Haji Hassan Kimo lost his life at the accident scene. In a stroke of luck for the semi-truck operator, no injuries were sustained during this harrowing ordeal.

The repercussions of this calamity extended to the flow of traffic on Interstate 84, causing disruptions for approximately 30 minutes while investigators probed the accident’s circumstances.