24NTN – Shirley Mancuso-Zettel dies in fatal Bradford County car crash

Fatal Bradford County car crash death of Shirley Mancuso-Zettel – Obituary

Tragedy struck on Tuesday afternoon in the northern reaches of Bradford County, Pennsylvania, as a single-vehicle accident claimed the life of Shirley Mancuso-Zettel, an 89-year-old resident hailing from Wellsboro.

The fateful incident unfolded around 2 p.m. on Springfield Road within the bounds of Smithfield Township. Pennsylvania State Police at Towanda, on the scene, swiftly identified the victim and the crumpled remains of a silver Subaru Outback SUV, bearing the unmistakable scars of the calamity.

An exhaustive investigation revealed the sequence of events leading to the unfortunate fatality. Mancuso-Zettel was traveling eastward along Springfield Road when she grappled with a leftward curve, tragically failing to maintain control of her vehicle. This loss of control propelled the automobile off the road, where it collided with a formidable tree, leaving behind a trail of destruction in its wake.

The somber scene was attended to by the diligent authorities, and it was the Bradford County Coroner’s Office that ultimately confirmed the worst. Shirley Mancuso-Zettel’s life had been tragically cut short in the course of the incident, and her demise was pronounced at the site of the collision. Thankfully, there were no other reported casualties stemming from this harrowing car crash.