012210 – Tragic Nevada Collision Claims Lives of Sheryl Evans and Christopher Jenkins

Fatal Fallon Crash Claims Lives of Sheryl Evans and Christopher Jenkins – Obituary

In a devastating incident unfolding shortly before 10 a.m., a catastrophic collision occurred at the intersection of McLean Road and Casey Road in Churchill County, Nevada, resulting in the tragic demise of two individuals. Preliminary findings from the investigation suggest that a sedan met a fatal encounter with a semi-truck when the sedan, regrettably, disregarded a stop sign, causing the two vehicles to collide with immense force.

The unforgiving impact took place on the right flank of the sedan, forcibly propelling it into a nearby water canal. Onlookers who bore witness to this harrowing incident valiantly endeavored to extricate the occupants of the sedan from the wreckage. However, their courageous efforts were, tragically, in vain.

A swift response ensued, with the Churchill County Sheriff’s Office, Nevada State Police, Fallon Police Department, Fallon/Churchill Fire Department, and Banner Medics converging at the scene. The somber pronouncement of the sedan’s occupants as deceased on-site came from a Nevada State Police representative.

The victims, now remembered with heavy hearts, have been identified as Sheryl Evans, aged 73, and Christopher Jenkins, aged 42, both residents of Fallon. Their untimely passing adds to the sobering statistics, marking the 39th fatal collision for the Nevada State Police, Highway Patrol – Northern Command West, resulting in an unfortunate tally of 45 lives lost this year.