012210 – Ysabel Tucker dies in fatal Jacksonville car crash

Fatal Jacksonville car crash death of Ysabel Tucker – Obituary

Family and friends gathered to bid their final farewells to a Jacksonville father, Ysabel Tucker, who tragically lost his life earlier this month in a car collision while walking with his son.

Within the solemn setting of Funerals by T.S. Warden Funeral Home, heartfelt tributes flowed freely for Ysabel Tucker, portraying a man deeply cherished by his community.

In the hallowed chapel, those who knew him shared their sentiments. Sabrina Tucker-Spicer, one of Tucker’s sisters, reminisced, “The day he passed away, he spoke of his brothers and sisters, expressing love for each one of us. He talked about his nephews and cherished his family, especially his son.”

Fondly referred to as “Junior,” Tucker is remembered as a passionate, dynamic, outspoken, diligent, and a loving, dedicated father.

Tucker’s eldest sister remarked, “Your tireless efforts and sacrifices were not in vain. Today, the affection you had for your family comforts our hearts.”

The unfortunate incident that claimed Tucker’s life occurred when he was struck by a car while walking with his 12-year-old son, his sole child. This heart-wrenching event unfolded on Sibbald Road in the Sherwood Forest neighborhood, located on the north side of the city.

Upon investigating the area, News4JAX observed the absence of sidewalks along the road where Tucker met his untimely end.

Tucker’s grieving family is left grappling with the bewildering circumstances that led to such a tragedy in a residential vicinity.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office is actively probing the incident, which is not categorized as a hit-and-run, and no arrests have been made.

Loved ones express their anguish and passionately implore motorists to reduce their speed and remain vigilant. They are left to wonder if these factors contributed to Tucker’s tragic demise, and they fervently hope that no one else will endure the anguish they currently face.

Tucker-Spicer offered these parting words in honor of her brother: “Though someone recklessly took his life, they can never seize his zest for life. He cherished every moment, and that is something they can never take away. His was a life well-lived.”

Ysabel Tucker was 42 years old.