072210 – Jerry Miles dies in fatal Durham shooting

Fatal Durham shooting death of Jerry Miles – Obituary

The Durham Police Department is currently in the process of investigating a tragic shooting incident that unfolded on Wednesday evening, right in close proximity to their law enforcement headquarters.

The life of Jerry Miles, a 33-year-old individual, came to a heart-wrenching end due to a fatal gunshot wound he sustained on the 900 block of East Main Street, following a call reporting the incident shortly after 9 p.m. Remarkably, the police headquarters itself is situated at 602 East Main Street.

It was only on Friday that the authorities officially confirmed the victim’s identity as Jerry Miles. Meanwhile, on Wednesday, an individual was taken into custody in connection with the shooting incident.

The law enforcement officials, when contacted by The News & Observer, opted not to disclose any information concerning the identity of the alleged shooter, citing the ongoing nature of their investigation.

It is worth noting that while the number of non-lethal shooting incidents in Durham has seen a decrease this year, the count of individuals who have tragically lost their lives due to gun violence has already surpassed the figures of 2022 and is on course to exceed those of 2021.