232110 – Amarion Kirk and Jasani Taylor die in fatal South Bend double shooting

Fatal South Bend double shooting death of Amarion Kirk and Jasani Taylor – Obituary

An extensive manhunt is still in progress to locate the individual responsible for a tragic double shooting that occurred at a hotel in South Bend, Indiana. The incident was initially reported by ABC57 during our 90-minute news coverage on Thursday night.

Over 24 hours have passed since the incident, and law enforcement authorities are persistently searching for the person who discharged the deadly shots.

A local business proprietor, who has chosen to withhold her identity for safety reasons, disclosed that she heard the gunshots on Thursday afternoon. Despite locking her doors, she remains apprehensive, as this marks the second time she has heard gunshots in her vicinity. She maintains that the area is generally peaceful, considering her daily presence from 9 to 5, and regards the recent events as regrettable.

Law enforcement officials have disclosed that the victims, identified as 20-year-old Amarion Kirk and 22-year-old Jasani Taylor, were discovered lifeless outside a vehicle in the parking lot of the Quality Inn, situated near the South Bend International Airport. Witnesses at the scene reported observing an individual fleeing from the area immediately after gunshots rang out.

The anonymous business owner described her experience, stating, “I heard the shots, turned around, looked at my employee, and we both rushed outside. In a matter of seconds, we witnessed a substantial police presence, continuously arriving at the scene. I wasn’t frightened. My greater concern was that they were scouring the neighborhood in an attempt to apprehend the suspect.”