232110 – Christopher Witherspoon dies in fatal Jacksonville shooting

Fatal Jacksonville shooting death of Christopher Witherspoon – Obituary

In a heart-wrenching tragedy that occurred on Poydras Lane in Jacksonville’s Northside this past Sunday, 31-year-old Christopher Witherspoon met an untimely demise due to a fatal shooting. Adding to the anguish, the shooter responsible for this tragic incident was revealed to be a fellow family member.

Christopher, affectionately known as ‘Spoon,’ was not only a beloved figure but also a young man with a promising future.

He leaves behind a legacy of love and devotion, with 4-month-old twins and an impending marriage to look forward to. He cherished his family bonds, sharing a special affection for his mother and siblings.

The grief that envelops his family is immeasurable as they struggle to cope with this devastating loss, just five days after his passing.