232110 – Roygerick L. Harris succumbs to tragic shooting in the vicinity of 31st and Woodland Avenue, Kansas City, Missouri.

Fatal Kansas City, Missouri shooting claims the life of Roygerick L. Harris – Obituary

In a devastating incident on Thursday night, the life of 33-year-old Roygerick L. Harris was tragically cut short in a shooting near the intersection of 31st and Woodland Avenue in Kansas City, Missouri.

KCPD officials identified Harris on Friday evening, while the second victim, who was rushed to the hospital, remains in critical condition.

KCPD Captain Corey Carlisle revealed that officers were in close proximity to the scene when the unfortunate incident unfolded.

A report of a disturbance in that vicinity was received by the police shortly after 7 p.m.

Upon their swift arrival, the officers observed a vehicle with its passenger door ajar, inside of which they discovered a victim with apparent gunshot wounds. The officers immediately initiated life-saving procedures.

As the police attended to the injured individual in the vehicle, they were alerted to the presence of another victim lying in the street, approximately two car lengths away. Tragically, this victim had succumbed to their injuries.

The victim found inside the vehicle was promptly transported to the hospital in critical condition, as confirmed by KCPD.

KCPD stated that the circumstances leading up to the shooting remain unclear at this time, and no suspects were observed fleeing the area.

According to KCPD, no individuals of interest are currently in custody, and the investigation is ongoing.