232110 – Stacey Menold dies in fatal Flagstaff, AZ train accident

Fatal Flagstaff, AZ train accident death of Stacey Menold – Obituary

Tragedy struck Flagstaff, Arizona, as Stacey Menold, a 53-year-old resident, lost his life in a harrowing train accident on a somber Friday afternoon.

Flagstaff authorities swiftly responded to the incident, which unfolded near the intersection of Ponderosa Parkway and the railway tracks, occurring just minutes before 5:45 p.m.

Upon their arrival at the scene, law enforcement officers discovered the lifeless body of Stacey Menold, who had tragically been struck by an eastbound locomotive. Despite their best efforts, his life could not be saved, and he was pronounced dead on the scene.

Preliminary investigations indicate that the railroad’s traffic control systems were in full operation at the time of this heart-wrenching accident. As the community grapples with this profound loss, Flagstaff police are diligently working to uncover the circumstances leading to this tragic event.

Authorities urge anyone who may possess relevant information to come forward and assist in shedding light on the sequence of events that resulted in Stacey Menold’s untimely demise. You can reach out to Flagstaff police at 928-774-1414 or provide anonymous tips to Silent Witness by calling 928-774-6111.