212210 – Dave Schwartz dies in fatal Nebraska, Giltner Spur car crash

Fatal Nebraska, Giltner Spur car crash death of Dave Schwartz – Obituary

Tragic news has emerged regarding the demise of Dave Schwartz, a 62-year-old individual who served as a dedicated member of the Nebraska Department of Transportation crew. This heartbreaking incident unfolded when he was tragically struck by a vehicle that veered out of control.

According to reports obtained by KETV NewsWatch 7, the unfortunate event transpired on a fateful Tuesday afternoon. At that time, Schwartz was diligently managing traffic as part of a crew tasked with addressing a hazardous spill on Highway 34 in the vicinity of the Giltner Spur.

Preliminary findings from the investigation reveal that a GMC Yukon, traveling in the westbound direction, unexpectedly lost control, colliding with the NDOT crew member, Dave Schwartz. Despite immediate and valiant life-saving efforts, Schwartz’s life could not be saved, and he was regrettably pronounced dead at the scene.