222210 – Good Samaritan Jason Matthew Perry tragically loses life in deadly Asheville car crash

Fatal Asheville car crash death of Jason Matthew Perry – Obituary

In a devastating incident, a compassionate driver who had halted to assist a motorcyclist involved in an accident lost their life when struck by an approaching vehicle, according to Asheville law enforcement.

Samantha Booth, an official from the Asheville Police Department, has identified the victim as Jason Matthew Perry, a 36-year-old individual who met a tragic end at the crash site shortly after 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday evening.

Booth has detailed that Perry encountered a collision scene featuring a fallen motorcyclist near the 1120 block of Sweeten Creek Road. Displaying selflessness, Perry decided to stop and exit his vehicle to offer aid to the injured motorcyclist. Tragically, during this act of kindness, both Perry and the motorcycle were struck by a tow truck traveling northbound on Sweeten Creek Road.

Remarkably, the driver of the tow truck emerged unharmed and remained at the scene, as confirmed by Booth.