222210 – Roger Gerald Grenier dies in fatal Rutledge Pike motorcycle crash

Fatal Rutledge Pike motorcycle crash death of Roger Gerald Grenier – Obituary

The demise of Roger Gerald Grenier in a tragic motorcycle accident on Rutledge Pike continues to be under investigation. New insights from the accident, which claimed the life of the 46-year-old Rutledge resident, have been disclosed in a report issued by the Knox County Sheriff’s Office.

On September 30th, at 3:20 a.m., Knox County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a distress call reporting a fatal crash near Circle Road on Rutledge Pike. The incident involved not only Grenier’s motorcycle but also three other vehicles.

According to the official report, the chain of events unfolded when a 2016 KIA Forte, the first vehicle involved, was heading east on Rutledge Pike. Suddenly, the motorcycle operated by Roger Gerald Grenier appeared seemingly out of nowhere, leading to a collision between the two vehicles.

The impact from the Kia’s collision with the motorcycle resulted in Grenier being ejected from his bike. Promptly, the Kia’s driver pulled over, along with another vehicle, after calling Knox County E-911 for assistance. Both drivers began their approach toward Grenier, who was lying in the roadway, with the intention of offering aid.

Tragically, as they neared Grenier, an unidentified vehicle traveling in the same eastward direction on Rutledge Pike struck him. Shockingly, this third vehicle did not stop and continued on its way without identifying itself or rendering assistance.