Biblical Meaning of Train in a Dream

Biblically, a dream about a train could mean the coming of help in your life. There were no trains in the Bible, but since it is simply a transport tool, we can relate it with other transportation systems in the Bible. Trains should be seen as chariots in the Bible. Where do we see chariots prominently mentioned?

The Chariot of fire and Elijah

Elijah was carried by a chariot of fire. This is why Biblically, a dream about a train could mean that God is about to send help. Trains can be equated to chariots and so the dream could mean that there is help on the way to get yourself out of some sticky situation you could be in.

A train dream could Biblically mean you need to start a spiritual journey

Seeing a train in the dream could mean that you should go on a spiritual journey. It does not mean you should be a missionary. It could simply mean you should start to look into your spiritual life more.

The dream could imply that you have to start up a program to help people, or maybe simply join yourself to one.

Seeing a derailed train

Seeing a derailed train means that you are a helpful person but the people you try to help do not appreciate your efforts. In the end, they will just drag you down and derail your life. The dream also means you sacrifice for others too much at your own expense.

Being hit by a train in a dream

To see yourself get hit or run over by a train could biblically mean that you are about to go on a journey that you really should stay away from. You could think it is a great idea, but seeing yourself in this accident could mean you should think twice.

You could be thinking of a new journey in your relationship perhaps by getting a new partner, or maybe leaving your current job for another one, or maybe closing your business to try other things.

All these things can be seen as life journeys, and they all have a connection with a train. Being hit by one means you should not embark on this journey.

Dreaming of being on a train

To see yourself on a train means that there is something you are doing that will turn out well for you and build your name. A train is a sign of progress and is tied to one’s destiny.

There are songs that have been sung with lines such as “I am an unstoppable train.” Therefore, in our collective psyche, the dream means you are going forward.

Dream meaning train tracks

To see train tracks in the dream implies your breakthrough lies in something you have been avoiding for a very long time. There is something you have always thought you should do but for some reason have not been able to.

Train tracks in the dream mean an overdue journey. They might also mean that it is too late for you to do something you are thinking of doing, and the train has already passed.

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A train passing by dream

A train passing by in the dream means that there somethings you should stay away from, there is a path you should keep off of. It is about your individuality. There is something you are thinking of getting into just because many people around you are doing it.

However, this dream is telling you that you should just let this pass you by even though many people are on it.

Jumping off a train dream interpretation

To see yourself jumping off a dream means that you will come into a time of harvest. It means you have been patient for something and the time has come for you to get your benefits. It means you have ‘arrived’. It could be in your relationship, your job, your education, etc.

Missing train in a dream 

Missing a train in your dream means that there is something you are forcing that is not working.

Just like we rush and run in haste hoping to catch a bus, plane, or train but sometimes fail to get on and miss it, there is also something in your life that is just not meant to be that you are forcing.

This dream is not to be seen as negative. Sometimes, people have missed trains that ended up crashing and killing many people.

Car stuck on train tracks dream

To see a car stuck on train tracks in a dream means that there is something that seems to be good in your life that will turn out to be bad for you and will ruin your life. Take it that the car is waiting for the train even though the person is trying to drive off.

As you know, the train is a great helpful tool, but the fact that this car is sitting in the tracks waiting for it implies that this good thing will nor turn out to be a danger, a killer.

To you, this dream means there are some good things in your life that you are misapplying, abusing, or misusing. This will be turn out to be a disaster for you.

Burning train dream

To see a burning train implies that your ambition might work against you. There is something you are eager to do, a journey in life that you really want to embark on.

It could be that you want to start a new business, leave your old job for a new one, leave your partner for a different one, etc. However, seeing this burning train means that your journey will not end well for you.

Dream about flying train

To see a flying train in the dream means that there is a tough journey ahead that will get far much easier once you start on it. At first, things will start slowly but after a while, you will soar and fly just like the flying train your saw.

Dream meaning train ticket

To see a train ticket in the dream means that a door has been opened in one or more areas of your life. There is something that is now ready to be done, but you still have to take a step and claim it.

Just like a person who gets a train ticket has to actually go to the station and get on the train, you too will not achieve anything unless you take action. However, if you do try, you will find that the door is open and things will work.

Biblical meaning of train station in a dream

To see a train station in a dream means that you will encounter a situation in which your patience will be tested. God wants to raise you to another level but first, you must show that you have the required patience. It means you are being prepared for a big blessing but first, a serious challenge will arise.

Dream of almost getting hit by train

To have a dream in which you almost get his by train means that there are people in your life that you trust but are actually evil. It is a call for you to pay attention to those around you. It means you are living absent-mindedly, trusting those around you just like a person walking along the tracks without seeing the coming train.

Dream of waiting for a train

You are having worries about something in your life but this dream is telling you to have some patience and just wait. You need to develop the ability to handle time. This has to do with something serious in your life, something significant such as your relationship, your education, your career, etc.

Running to catch a train dream meaning

Running to catch a train means that you are overly concerned about where you are in life and are too eager to advance. This will not work well for you if you continue, as you may end up doing unsavory things to get to where you think you should be in life.

The dream is a warning to slow down and not panic. You are not late as long as you just do everything you know you are supposed to do.

As you run to catch the train, many things can happen. You can drop the ticket itself, drop your wallet or purse, or even have an accident such as a fall, which may ruin your chances of ever getting on the train. Just be patient. If the train is meant to be caught, if you are meant to be on it, you will not even need to rush.

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