How to Prevent Dark Spirits From Stealing your Energy

It is possible for dark spirits to still your energy or life force. This occurs when you are asleep or awake as long as you are in a strong negative emotional state.

I will show you what really happens and how you can prevent spirits, demons, djinn, and archons from stealing your energy or life force.

How do spirits steal your energy?

The gist of the matter is that these entities, such as djinn, demons, archons, etc., cannot sustain themselves and need to feed just like any being. But the thing is, energy can only be revitalized using similar energy.

Therefore, being negative entities with low vibrations, djinn, demons, archons, and other dark spirits can only feed on low-vibration negative energy. This energy is primarily fear but it can also be anger, jealousy, hatred, and deep regret.

In order to feed off of you, the demon should have you in a negative state of emotion. This happens naturally but if you are persistently fearful, angry, jealous, or depressed, these spirits can latch onto your aura and feed off of you at will. To do this, they first have to induce these negative feelings instead of waiting for you to fall into them naturally.

You may notice that one time you will be feeling fine and the next, you will be worried about the future or feeling much regret about the past. At this point, your aura changes color and you fall into low vibrations thus furnishing these entities with the needed life force.

How do spirits induce negative emotions in you?

Demons, archons, and djinn have several methods at their disposal used to induce negative, low vibration energy.

Leading you to fearful material

Stop demonic entities from stealing your life force
Stop demonic entities from stealing your life force

This includes horror movies, fearful news, accident scenes, or any material that leaves you feeling afraid or disturbed. While you are in this state, the entity will suck the life force from your aura and leave you feeling exhausted.

Reminding you of something embarrassing or regrettable in the past

We all have some embarrassing events in our past. Maybe a friend made an awful comment in person or on social media in full view of others just to pull us down, making you feel low every time you think about it.

However, these negative memories should get to a point where they hurt us less and less. But with demons and djinn or archons involved, the memories will just be as painful as when they just occurred. These spirits will evoke these memories in you just to get you feeling low so they can steal your energy.

Making you worry about tomorrow

How to prevent spirits from stealing your energy or life force
Worried woman. Source: Flickr

It is okay to think about tomorrow and even worry about it. However, this should not be on a permanent basis that leaves you feeling fearful. You find yourself living in a negative future that may never even be.

The dark entity will manipulate your thoughts and show you the worst-case scenario, making it play repeatedly in your head. This drops your emotional vibrations making your aura suitable for feeding to the spirit.

Influencing those around you to vex you with their words or actions

I have seen times when friends did things seemingly out of nowhere. I had a friend with whom the only connection was my benevolence. To be precise, I was keeping him for free.

However, instead of being grateful, he turned out to treat me worse than any person treated me. He respected those that denied him accommodation and would insult me, the person that was keeping him.

In hindsight, I can see that he was under demonic influence just to get me feeling low. Additionally, these entities attempt to remind me of that abuse in order to feed off my low vibration energy further.

Making you over-indulge in alcohol or drug use

Alcohol weakens your aura

Alcohol and certain drugs might make us susceptible to demonic attacks and open feeding opportunities for these dark forces. A little alcohol is okay but takes it too much and the protective layer of your aura will become weak and porous. This will allow the demon to drain your energy as long as your aura remains compromised.

How to prevent demons from stealing your energy

There are several things you can do to make it harder for spirits to steal your energy

Avoid people that leave you feeling low

People that constantly attempt yo upset you are no good. You have to kick them out of your life and reclaim your personal power. You do not have to hope they change as that never works.

Trying to ignore their vexing words is also not helpful as these spirits will replay their words later in attempts to upset you and make you feel worthless. Just kick them out of your life, period!

Do not dwell on past regrets or future worries

Sure, negative thoughts cannot be avoided. However, these do not just storm into our minds. They come knocking but most think they are powerless and allow them to flow as much as the entity inducing them would want.

You have to understand that you have control over what goes into your mind. Train yourself to deflect these negative thoughts in any way possible.

Learn how to avoid negative thoughts here.

Use affirmations of success, love, happiness, good health and wealth

Words stem from thoughts but it is also true that words, when repeated, can shape your thoughts. Whenever fear or worry creeps up on you, use positive affirmations to banish these bad thoughts and keep your energy safe from being demon or djinn dinner.

Stay away from negative songs and movies

How to prevent spirits from stealing your energy or life force
Eminem, an artist with very angry lyrics Source: Wikipedia

Songs and movies can move us. However, they sometimes move us into negative states of mind. You will agree with me that most of Eminem’s songs will stir up your anger especially if you hold grudges with the world.

But these songs do not help as they only put you in a state of mind that makes it possible for djinn, demons, and archons to feed off your aura.

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