Romantic dreams about coworkers

Romantic dreams about coworkers symbolize a resonance in energy between you and the coworker. This energetic resonance could be in any form. Sometimes, it could be a romantic resonance or a cooperative resonance which means you work well together. It could also mean you play vital roles in each other’s destinies. These roles might even seem negative or painful in that they may hurt you while they are meant to make you stronger and wiser.

Here are some romantic dreams about workmates or colleagues and what they mean.

Dream about your coworker having a crush on you

A dream in which your coworker has a crush on you means something might happen that will make you attractive to them. The dream means they will see a side of you that they have never seen before and this will make them see you in a new light. Whether or not they will act on this attraction will be up to them.

Dream about kissing your coworker

A dream in which you see yourself kissing with your coworker means there will be an incident that will make your coworker compliment you. The compliment will be significant and it will greatly boost your confidence.

Dream about cuddling with your coworker

A dream in which you see yourself cuddling with your coworker means you will soon work on something together that will endear you to each other. This is all human nature. When people spend time together, especially when they work towards a common goal, attraction develops. Whether things will go anywhere from here depends on the both of you.

Dream about marrying your coworker

A dream in which you see yourself marry a coworker means something will happen that will connect you in the long term. The connection might be positive or negative, that is, you might be brought together by calamity or fortune.

Dream about falling in love with your coworker

A dream in which you fall in love with your coworker, or your coworker falls in love with you, means you will do something that will impress them, or they will do something that will impress you. Their, or your being impressed might lead to attraction but whether you act on this will be up to you.

Dream about sleeping with your coworker

A dream in which you sleep with your coworker means you will both share a great time that will draw you close to each other. This can be something as simple as sharing a meal or going on a work-related trip. Whatever it will be, it will be a good time that will make you want to spend time together.

Dream about your coworker sending you a love note

A dream in which you see your coworker send you a love note means they have things they would like to tell you but are uncomfortable doing so. It could be that they like you but fail to tell you, or that they are impressed with you in some way but for some reason do not want to tell you.

Dream about being pregnant for your coworker

A dream in which you see yourself pregnant for your coworker means there is a favor they did for you and are now expecting some kind of reward from you. They believe they sowed and are expecting to reap. The favor they expect from you is significant and could affect the entire trajectory of their life.

The same interpretation applies if you dream about getting your coworker pregnant. It means you will find yourself in a situation that will make you look up to your workmate, expecting them to return a prior favor.

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